Having hardwood on your floors looks not only stunning but also can last for a very long time, given of course you provide them the proper care and maintenance. When you are looking to contract for a Gettysburg floor refinishers company you need to know what things to keep in mind and what others to ask.

Hardwood floors need some periodic care and maintenance to keep them as beautiful as they always are. Knowing the right time to refinish or restore your hardwood floor can be confusing, so here are some signs that you can keep in mind:

Is your hardwood discolored or losing its pigmentation?

Fading, discoloration or loss of pigmentation means your hardwood floor has been damaged by the sun. Generally, problems such as loss of color on hardwood floors are mostly found on or near windows or doors. 

Make sure to re-sand and refinish your wood before it gets worse. 

Are some of the hardwood boards turning grey?

This is something you need to look for when you are an owner of a properly floored with hardwood. When hardwood turns gray it means the polyurethane is wearing off, which is caused by water from any source such as rain, drips, snow or even by spilling drinks falling on your floor. This mostly means your floor is starting to oxidize, which if left alone it won’t require a repair but rather a replacement.

Rather than grey did your boards turned black?

When your hardwood planks get black spots it means it has already oxidized, due to what was discussed in the topic above. When it comes to this you can either do a replacement of the affected planks or stain the entire floor to have it all of that same color.

It is recommended to replace them as it will allow keeping the original color, but it is generally more costly.

Seeing gaps or cupping on your hardwood boards?

The most common culprit to this is moisture, as due to moisture or water the shape of the boards can change a bit in time, which causes gaps between your boards as well as cupping. It is recommended to check if there are any leaks or flooding in the property as these are generally the reasons why this happens. 

Do you have any damaged or scratched boards?

Seeing small scratches in hardwood boards can be considered normal, but due to time, these scratches can become bigger or more constant. Damaged boards give an unpleasant look to your home, especially those that cannot be simply hidden below a rug. When this happens I recommend requesting your floors to be refinished and sanded to give it back the beautiful appearance they had before.

In other words:

Keeping a nice and smooth floor gives your house an excellent appearance as well as it provides a higher value. Always be on the lookout for any floor damage you can find such as stains, fading, gaps or scratches and be sure to have them refinished before they require replacement. If you are looking for a professional hardwood flooring company in the state of Gettysburg, PA, you can always visit http://gettysburgwoodfloors.com/.