Having hardwood flooring in your home adds a sense of rarity, of vintage sophistication and classic style. In most cases, property buyers are more likely to choose a home because of its inclusion of quality hardwood flooring. Even homes with hardwood in less than pristine shape can do well on the market thanks to this sought out feature. But once you own a home with hardwood, you need to make sure that you are properly caring for and treating your flooring in order to keep it looking new. This is where a Gettysburg floor refinisher can help you breathe new life into your flooring and your home.

Learning Proper Care

If you buy a home just for the value of the hardwood but you don’t keep up with regular cleaning and refinishing, you’ll often find that your home has decreased in value by the time you are ready to sell. You can save yourself this financial let down if you just follow a few simple tips to better flooring care. Our team of floor finishing pros in Gettysburg have years of experience working with hardwood flooring throughout Central PA, and we’ve learned a thing or two about caring for wood!

Clean Flooring Regularly

Knowing what to do and what to avoid when it comes to hardwood flooring is one of the most essential steps in keeping your floors shiny and pristine. To make sure that you are getting the most out of your hardwood, it is recommended that you properly maintain it by cleaning your floors on a regular basis. It is also highly recommended that you invest in a few wood care specific tools and products to help you get the job done even more effectively. Not to mention, many traditional cleaners and polishes can harm your flooring, leaving it in worse condition than before. Sweep and mop your hardwood at least once a week, using floor cleaner designed for hardwood for lasting shine and durability.

A Stable Environment

Hardwood demands a stable environment to support the longevity and lifespan of your flooring. Try to keep your home around 60o-80o F year round. Too cold or hot and the floorboards may start to expand and contract, causing cracks and gaps. You should also try to keep humidity in your home between 30-50% year round, as high levels of humidity can cause swelling in hardwood surfaces.

Protecting From Pet Damage

Pets are constant companions for many of us, and we often can’t imagine how empty our lives would be without them. But when your precious pooch is scratching up your floors on a weekly basis, you’ll need to stop and consider your options. Luckily, you won’t have to trade your furry friend for your flooring. Clip your pet’s nails regularly, or take them to a licensed groomer for trimming. Aside from your pets themselves, be aware of areas that they eat and drink or entrances where they may bring in water and mud. Considering adding maps in these areas to prevent your floors from coming into constant contact with water, which could ultimately deteriorate their quality.

Preventing Discoloration & Staining

If you like the look of area rugs and how they compliment your home, you’re in luck because rugs are one of the easiest ways to prevent your floors from being damaged and scratched. Be aware of rugs made from synthetic backing, as these can also harm your flooring in the long run by causing hardwood discoloration. And you should always consider adding furniture pads to the legs of your tables and chairs to prevent potential scratching during movement.

Gettysburg Floor Refinishing

Whether you’re moving into an older home with hardwood or you’ve owned one for awhile, don’t forget about floor refinishing services in your area. Floor refinishing involves sanding and restaining the hardwood flooring in your home, and requires a professional touch to do it just right. If you’re ready to see your floors looking like new, visit us today at http://gettysburgwoodfloors.com/.

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