Meeting with Gettysburg floor refinishers and designers remains one of the biggest inspirations to making the best flooring decisions, either for the home or business place. Whether you are looking for a rustic feel or a modern yet vintage approach, you can discuss all your wants and needs, while receiving professional feedback guaranteed to set your property’s interior apart from others.

Thinking of making a decision for your home or business’ flooring? Below are some of the latest trends you should keep an eye out for when making your decision.

Hardwood Stain Colors

Light to medium tone hardwood floor stains have become a trend in recent times and are guaranteed to leave your interior space looking not only attractive but pleasing. Adding colors to the wood will help to better improve the natural beauty of the floor and let the wood floor speaks for itself. Other additions that could be made to the floor could be in the form of knots, grain, color variation, and also through the use of different cuts of wood.

Textured Hardwood Flooring

Playing with edge details have also become a trend. Using refined wire brushed finishes can add some details to the floor and also contribute texture to the floor. One of the best advantages of this is that it does not drastically change the look or tone of the wood. In addition, it serves right for property owners who are in search of durable finishes that can help reduce maintenance and maintenance cost. The choice of textured finish will, however, depend largely on the style of the home.

Hardwood Flooring Board Widths

A part of delivering the best flooring design is understanding that each client presents different needs and wants. Also, the type of home will also play an important role in the overall choices to be made. Good flooring should not be one-size fits all approach and instead, homeowners should work with experts to take advantage of any trends available that matches their needs. Choosing consistent hardwood width on the main and upper level can help to achieve a uniformed and more refined look. If you are looking to add hardwood floors to a casual area, you may want to experiment with unequal and unconventional hardwood width. It can add a generally appealing and stunning look to areas in the home, boat house and other lower levels in the home.


Patterns are great. You can choose to add some of the common patterns like herringbone, chevron, and paraquet style to the home. You can also choose patterns that add interesting look and features to the home. Through the use of patterns, you can draw attention to specific areas in the home to highlight their architectural detail, highlighting factor and more.

Quick hardwood flooring tips

  • Mix clean lines with organic feeling pieces to achieve an exquisite yet different look
  • Add pattern to your home. Patterns do not go out of fashion and can be adapted for the drapes, wallpaper or carpets.
  • Focus on classic materials and classic details. Make sure the design matches the theme you are pushing for.

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