Hardwood floors can improve the look of your house. It is a lovely augmentation that can improve the value of your home. Having hardwood floors can be a very expensive commodity, so you need to make sure the proper maintenance is provided to avoid any damages. The number one enemy of hardwood is humidity. So it is very important that you keep an eye for any early signs of humidity. Here are six tips from Gettysburg floor refinishers that will help you get started. 

Tip # 1: Choose a humidity meter that is appropriate for your house.

The easiest and most simple method to measure the humidity in your house is by buying a humidity meter. Buying a meter can be a little overwhelming, especially since there are some many different types of humidity meters in the market now. You can buy really expensive and complex meters but you can also obtain simple ones that will work as good if not better than the more expensive ones. You can start by researching which companies are the most dependable. Make sure you read any reviews available and don’t forget to check the warranty. By following these steps you will make sure you buy a reliable meter that will meet your needs.

Tip # 2: Store a sample of the wood in your house.

To make sure the wood you purchase will be able to withstand the usual air humidity in your home, keep a piece of wood in one of your rooms. By doing so, you will be able to see how the wood reacts to the humidity within your home and avoid buying a type of wood that will not work.

Tip # 3: Do not forget to check the sub-flooring.

When looking for the best wood, people tend to neglect the sub-floor. Verifying the state of your subfloor is as crucial as buying the perfect wood and can save you a lot of problems in the future. 

Tip # 4: Select the correct type of wood.

Not all types of wood have the same level of humidity. Some woods will be more humid than others, so this will play an important role when choosing a meter. Some meters are not able to measure humidity for some types of woods, so make sure you keep this in mind. When in doubt make sure you check with the company to verify which meters work better for the wood you are purchasing.

Tip # 5: Hire professionals.

Many companies are dedicated to humidity control and some flooring companies will do it for you for an additional fee.

Tip # 6: Follow the instructions provided with your humidity meter.

Getting the proper meter will be of no use if you do not follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. By following the instructions set by the company, you will avoid many problems in the future. You can obtain further details and more advice on how to control humidity in your house through this company website: http://gettysburgwoodfloors.com/.

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