When your floors get squeaky, it can be very devastating. Squeaks are brought by movements in wood seams between pieces of sub-floors, friction noise in tongue, and indentation or ship lap flooring rubbing against slackened nails. By stopping the movement, you stop the squeak. There are several ways of Repairing Squeaky Wood Floors.

When you just moved in to your new house, even a small squeak can be really worrying. The squeak may wake your baby or annoy your spouse who needs rest. You may not find it easy living in a house with squeaky floors especially if you need a quiet environment to study at home. To repair the squeaky wood floor from under it:

Look for the Squeaky Section

The mainly effective way to identify squeaks is to stand in your basement, looking up at the sub-floor as someone else walks around looking for the squeak. Listen and observe to know the squeaky area, so you can identify the problem section and look for the best way of repairing it.

When the plywood subfloor rubs against the floor supports, the flooring can squeak. The sub-floor, a structural support beneath the top floor you walk on, may sometimes contract over time as the wood dries out. As a result, it alters the shape of the flooring a bit, resulting in piercing, irritating squeaks.

It’s also common on hardwood floors so that the top floor itself may squeak. To repair squeaks in the top floorig, the next method may be more useful. Most squeaky boards under tile, and other flooring surfaces may need to be fixed from below, either in the crawl space or the basement.

Fix the Structural Support

Fix the structural support, found between the sub-floor and the beam, if the flooring seem to squeak due to loose sub-flooring and the beam; that would secure the loose sections and eliminates the piecing sound. The Squeak-fixer is a product of beam-support and is obtainable at most home repair stores. At an affordable price, acquire a metal support that connects between the beam and the squeaky wood floor.

To fix one of these beam-sub-floor supports, tighten with screw the mounting plate to the underside of the sub-floor, directly below the squeaking spot. Use the provided screws, or use appropriate wood screws to fit in the bracket hole provisions.

Peg the bracket onto the rod provided and fix it to the beam. Tighten the mechanism by use of a wrench until the flooring is drawn down flush. When you are through with the preliminaries, fix the floorings back together. When all the flooring is intact and there are no movements, you would have successfully repaired the squeak.

Fix the Squeak from Above

Remove the carpet from the floor. Using recommended detector or hammer, locate the beam nearest the squeak. You could drill through to be sure you are hitting the beam. By drilling through the squeaky boards, you are fixing the loose board to the beam.

After fixing the flooring back together, ensure to leave your floor as smooth as possible. To smooth out the floor effectively, use wood putty. Make sure the repaired section is undetectable.