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Wood floors are aesthetically appealing and can last for long. However they have one eternal enemy, water or excess moisture. These two do not go together. If you have a wooden floor it is important that you control the humidity and moisture levels in the house to avoid excess moisture. Also ensure that you keep water damage at bay. Otherwise if you allow excess moisture on or underneath the wooden floor then wood floor repair will be imminent.

Unlike other common repairs that homeowners carry out easily at home, wood floor repair is special. It requires skilled technicians to be able to lace new wood into existing one. It is also imperative to ensure that the moisture problem has been eradicated and the underlying floor has the right conditions. Wood floor repair is best left to Gettysburg Hardwood Flooring Group.



Common Types of Wood Floor Damage

Here are some of the common wood floor damage that we have seen many people experience.

Gaps and Separation between Boards – during the different weather seasons, temperatures change and also the internal conditions of the house. These conditions cause expansion or contraction of the boards leading to gaps and separation. Sometimes the gaps may fix themselves other times they will require to be fixed.

Cupping – this occurs when the edges of a board are higher than the center. This is usually caused by excess moisture which could be due to spills on the floor or high moisture in the air. The moisture causes the wood to expand. Since, the lower part of the wood is wetter than the top it expands more causing the wood plank to cup upwards.

Crowning – this when the center of a wood plank is higher than the edges. It is also caused by increased moisture in the wood causing imbalanced expansion.


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Buckling – when the wooden floor buckles it lifts off from the subfloor. Usually when this happens it does in several places so you have planks of wood floating on the floor detached completely. This can bring about extended damage to the entire floor. To bring this to an end call on us for comprehensive wood floor repair.

Squeaky Floors – do you hear the dominant squeaky noise made by many wooden floors when you walk in your house. This is usually caused by moving boards as you walk thereby they rub on each other and make the noise. These boards have to be identified and reattached properly.

Mold Damage – is your wood floor mold stained or mold damaged? This is caused by increased moisture. When the wood becomes damaged by mold it rots. It is best replaced.  

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If you are experiencing wood floor damage what should you do? Call Gettysburg Hardwood Flooring Group for repair services. We have extensive experience, skilled and highly trained technicians and the know-how to perfectly repair your floor. You will not even notice that the floor has been repaired.

We source for rare hardwood types from renowned suppliers to fit with the type of wood used on your floor.

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