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Is it time for your wood floor sealing? If it is then Gettysburg Hardwood Flooring Group is your best bet at getting the best service in this region.  We use high quality sealants and apply the coats in the right manner. Missing even a tiny spot during application can expose your wooden floor to elements that can cause extensive damage.

The process is therefore a meticulous one that is done by experienced and trained technicians with a keen eye for detail. They can notice such spots which have been missed and correct them immediately. Wood floor sealing is a crucial maintenance practice for you floors which is best left to the professionals.

We use a very comprehensive sealing process to keep your wood floor looking great and protected for a long time. First we sand the floor to prepare it for stain color application. After sanding is done, we apply a stain color of your choice. We have a wide variety of high quality stain colors for you to choose from.



Importance of Wood Floor Sealing

Wood floor sealing is a really important practice that should be carried out yearly. However it can also be carried out when you notice that the sealant has worn off especially if there is a lot of traffic on your floor. Wood floor sealing is important because;

It Protects the Wood from Moisture – one of the biggest benefits why sealing should be done is to keep moisture away from the wood. If moisture was to penetrate, rotting, growth of mold and mildew, cupping, and buckling would occur.

Protects the Wood from Dirt – another great feature of the sealant is that it is dust resistant. It keeps the dust away from the wood which can make it look old and dirty. The sealant is easy to wipe clean and it leaves the wood floor looking glossy and well cared for.


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Protects the Floor from Stains and Spillage – messes are bound to happen in the house but when they do you should be prepared. Wood floor sealing protects the floor from getting stains and damage that would occur from spillage.

Protects from Water Damage – one of the worst things that could happen to your house is water damage. It can affect even parts of the house that you never thought would get damaged by water. The floor is one of them. When properly sealed the wood floor will be protected from water damage.

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At Gettysburg Hardwood Flooring Group we can help your hardwood floor sealing  to ensure that you enjoy these important benefits. Not to mention that sealants give the floor the upscale glossy finish. Our technicians use only the best sealants in the market so your floor is protected for long.

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